Welcome to BiBloS.uk

The British Bible School exists to help equip the people of God for the mission of God through the Word of God, so BiBloS.uk fits well within our mission.

BiBloS.uk is a teaching resource written primarily by teachers and others working with the School, the site will contain a variety of articles, word studies, reviews and other focus areas. It will be available only in an online format.

We have set out the following aims for BiBloS.uk

  • To provide very good to high quality articles in various areas of Biblical studies and related subjects.
  • To both directly and indirectly promote the work of the British Bible School.
  • To encourage readers to engage more with the Bible, both through reading and more structured study. We certainly welcome any feedback you care to give, and ideas of how we make it better – we just ask that you be gracious!

The Ethos of BiBloS.uk

  • A fresh approach, free from traditional restraints, other than those imposed by Scripture.
  • A non-exclusive style, equally accessible by all regardless of their affiliations and therefore avoiding any in-house exclusivity.
  • To be reader-friendly whilst also remaining academically sound, though with an overall missional emphasis throughout.
  • Careful use of language to avoid jargon and all unnecessary ecclesiolinguistics (or ‘church-speak’).